The sceintific name of this animal is  Zalophus californianus. While the common name is the californian sea lion.  A male sea lion can grow up to be 660lbs and as long as 8ft while the females can be up to 210lbs and as long as 6ft. The males are usually a golden brown  color while the females aree chocolate brown. The pups are born very dark but lighten up as they grow. They have pointed muzzles making them doglike and the males have a bone crest on their forehead when they reach sexual maturity. as its name suggest it lives mainly in waters off of California but is found up along the west coast up to British Columbia. They breed in the waters in the channels south of California more towards Mexico. They like to breed on the beaches and will move up the coastal slopes to get warm.  Californian sea lions commonily eat fish and squid. . Commonly eaten fish and squid species include salmon, hake, Pacific whiting, anchovies, herring, schooling fish, rock fish, lamprey, dog fish, and market squid. They feed mostly around the edge of the continental shelf as well as sea mounts, the open ocean and the ocean bottom. 

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