There are various types of marine invertebrates characterized by a hard spiny covering and a calcite skeleton. There aboout 6,000 spieces that are grouped into six catergories: Featherstars, Starfish, Brittle stars, Sea Urchins, and Sea Cucumbers. Echinoderms are found in all the oceans, from the intertidal zone to the deepest oceanic trenches. Most species have numerous tube feet that are modified for locomotion, respiration, tunneling, sensory perception, feeding, and grasping. 

     Its scientific name is holothuroidea and its common name is sea cucumber. The body of the sea cucumber is elongated, leathery and muscular; spines are contained with the skin. Around the mouth there are 8 to 30 tentacles or aka modified tube feet. They have five rows of tube feet that run along thier body which are used for crawling and cling onto rocks. Sea cucumbers have no brain but they breathe thruogh an internal organ called a respritory tree. Sea cucumbers can be found any where in the world. You can find them in deep ocean trenches that are cool and dark or you could find them in shallow reefs that are warm and sunny. Sea cucumbers will eat any kind of decaying matter that they can get in touch with. The egg and sperm cells are released into the water and when they meet and hatch the larve will float around and eventually settle to the ocean floor.  

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