This large sun fish is part of a class called osteihthyes, which in simple english means that they are bony fish. this class of fish is the biggest and most important of all the classes. Their body espcially their head and fins are covered with bony scales also the fish in this class also have a swim bladder that might also turn into lungs. Thier gills are protected by a bony flap. The bony fish are divided into two subclasses. subclass sarcopterygii, the fleshy-finned fish , and subclass actinopterygii, which contains all those fish whose fins are supported by bony rays.

       The scientific name of for this organims is the Mola mola while the common name is the sunfish.  Ocean sunfish have round, flattened bodies in white or dark gray. Their dorsal and anal fins are extremely long. When ocean sunfish swim, they wave their dorsal and anal fins from side to side in unison. The average size of this fish is a lenght of 5.9ft, a height of 14ft, and a wieght of 2,200 lbs. At times, ocean sunfish prefer not to swim and let the current carry them around. Every now and then, ocean sunfish like to float on one side near the ocean surface. Not to much is known about this organism espically its habitat and food source but it is usually found in tropical and temperate waters all over the world. The sunfish usually eats jellyies and has to do that a lot to keep up with its size. A sunfishes eggs are released into the water to be fertilized by the foating sperm of a male. Some quick facts are that the female of this organism produces 300 million eggs to release at one time the most known of any fish. Also a sunfish can grow very rapidly so much that it can go from 57lbs. to 880lbs. in only 15 months.

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